About Us

Founded in 1978, the Ada-based Livnica Preciznih Odlivaka doo (LPO), part of the Bet Shemesh Engines Group, is today a supplier to the world’s leading manufacturers of engines and components for turbojet engines – with over 40 years of experience in precision investment casting (lost wax), and a fast-developing machining operation including manufacturing of parts for the leading engine programs. LPO continues to grow and currently employs over 200 employees.

From its beginning and until 1990, LPO produced LPT blades and vanes for the Viper engine program. From 1990 until 2003, LPO’s focus and operations moved to medical programs.

To meet the ever-growing demand for aerospace parts in the global market, the Bet Shemesh Engines Group from Israel purchased LPO in 2003, signaling LPO’s return to the aerospace market.

As of 2014, LPO operates in two plants both located in Ada – the Casting Facility and the Machining Facility, making a growing contribution to Bet Shemesh Engines’ offering of a one-stop-shop in the Engine Parts Sector.

LPO continues to expand from year to year and today employs over 200 employees, including highly- experienced management and leading experts in its different areas of activity.

LPO’s expansion and growth, its strategic location, and the constant high market demands, all lay a foundation for continued evolving and success of LPO, as part of the Bet Shemesh Engines Group.

Our Major Customers